ROLC 'Moving Forward' 2017

Serious reflection on what has occurred, pays off in wisdom and insight. These times in life, with the Word by one's side helps us know who we are and Whose we are. For those who carefully consider God's Word, gain a perspective that helps them avoid taking the same unnecessary detours repeatedly. Undeniably, by being clear-eyed about the past, there is an improved mobility to 'Moving Forward'.

Throughout this coming year, everything we focus on for the advancement of ROLC members and ministries will all fall under the very thought of

This motto collides two thoughts, for the members of ROLC to fulfill...

This strategy for 2017, is designed to uplift those who are faithfully dedicated, to accept through earnest contemplation what has been learned and is fruitful. To 'Maintain' those blessing of life followed by a sincere desire to 'Grow' further in those areas as well as into new spiritual areas as God guides.