ROLC 'Commiment' 2018

As a church, we desire to understand what it means to be better followers of Christ. Chruch leadership believes that When we understand this, our Commitment to the God will be better and this local assembly, River of life Church of Indianapolis, Inc. will see its benefits as well.

Discipleship is the number one element of ROLC's vision and purpose. From the onset of this ministry, it has been our goal to grow people through teaching, training, and fulfilling the 'One-Anotherings'. This year in 2018, we are going to renew our Discipleship Training as we continue to engage everyone in fulfilling their 'Indentity and Purpose' by fulfilling the Seven Principles of Discipleship.

Throughout the year all of our sermon series will center on these 7 principles and there will be consistent challenges to practicing this strategy in both WORD and DEED.

This strategy for 2018, is designed to uplift those who are faithfully dedicated, to accept through earnest contemplation what has been learned and is fruitful. The challenge for the River of Life Family is to grow in our Commitment to our FAITH, to ONE-Another and in our SERVICE to church and community.