ROLC's Community Service

Church membership is the commitment of the believer to be identified and involved with a local body of believers. Church membership must be proceeded by a personal faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and a Spiritual inductions into the actual Church, the body of Jesus Christ.

The Scriptures unfold for us three invitations:

  1. An invitation to Rest (Matthew 11:28)
  2. An invitation to Discipleship (Mark 1:17)
  3. An invitation to an Eternal Relationship (John 15:4)

ROLC, as a local extention of the Universal Church of Jesus Christ, intent is to demonstrate these invitations to those who are seeking a safe-haven, a place to become better followers of Christ and experience God in their daily living.

How to become a Member?

To become a member of River of Life Church, a prospective member should complete the ROLC Membership Application . You may also want to speak with Pastor Robert Treadwell III or one of the church leaders for more information about our ministry's vision, purpose and statement of faith.

Questions and Information

If you have questions about joining River of Life Church or would like to become involved in its many activities and programs, please contact Darlene Treadwell at 317-750-8730.